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Our Mission

KOLAFASY Interior Design’s is an interior design firm that works with its clients to create functional, beautiful, and timeless designs. The client’s aesthetic and functional needs are very important in developing designs that work with their lifestyles. We focus on personalizing spaces for clients based on their specific requirements, which we custom design with new and innovative designs.

Our Vision

KOLAFASY Interior Design’s vision is to create a one stop solution provider for interior design, project management and renovation services in timeless interiors from traditional to contemporary.

KOLAFASY Interior Design customizes interiors to our clients’ personalities, desires and needs. By performing a detailed analysis, we custom fit our client’s desires while providing form and function for the space. Both a classicist and modernist.

Our long- term goals consist of providing new innovative and creative ideas and ensuring that our materials will hold out for present and future generations. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the services we provide are up to the best possible standards. For us to achieve these goals, we would work in a wide range of ways. This includes working with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, equipped to undertake interior design and renovation projects of any size. From small scale remodeling to large-scale renovations, our focus is always on quality. Our company is committed to strive their very best to meet, and often exceed client expectations by actively communicating their thoughts and ideas and ultimately ensuring all of our interior design and build projects are completed in a timely manner.

Our Value

We create clarity. For each new project, we assess environmental constraints, grasp the issues and the possibilities and create distinctive designs that are responsive to both clients and environmental needs. With the aid of state-of-the-art design technology our clients can easily visualize their ideas in three dimensional reality.

We have in the past, confidently undertaken projects such as

  • Residential projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Office projects
  • Resort and Hotel projects
  • Medical projects